Publicado em 4 de maio de 2012 às 15:30

Seats next to the windows are preferred at travels by plane

The seats that are next to the windows of the planes are the most sought by passengers. This is confirmed by the research done by Skyscanner with thousand customers in 40 countries. For 60% of them, these are the best places, while 46% prefer to stay between the first and sixth row.

Only 1% of people said that likes to stay in the middle seats, the one between the window and the corridor. Already the seats of even numbers were the most targeted for 62% of passengers.

The seat champion of preference for users is 6A, possibly due to being close to the exit. Furthermore, 31E is the chair that the majority seeks to avoid, a chair located in the middle, at the rear of the aircraft.

According to the Director-General at Skyscanner in Brazil, Matthew Richardson, the preference for the front of the plane can be justified by providing a better choice of meals and are less susceptible to engine noise, and allows a quicker landing.

Still according to him, those who prefer to sit in the corridor are the ones who usually go more often to the bathroom, and thus prefer to avoid disturbing other passengers. Higher passengers, and who want to be able to stretch their legs more often, are also eyeing the corridor.

Source: Agência CNT