Under Age Travel

It is important to be aware of the laws governing the travel of children and adolescents. Children under 12 years old, unattended, they must have legal authorization to board. When accompanied by any person other than parents (even parents) must submit the original birth certificate. Children aged 12 to 18 years, alone, must present the original birth certificate.

Such travel must comply with the Statute for Children and Adolescents: Section III – Authorization to travel

Article 83 – No child may travel outside the district where he resides when not accompanied by parents or guardian, without express authorization.

§ 1º – The authorization is not required when:

a) Treat yourself to the contiguous county of residence of the child, in the same State, or included in the same metropolitan area.

b) The child is accompanied by:

1) In ascending or greater collateral, to the third degree and documented the relationship.

2) The person expressly authorized by a parent or guardian.

§ 2º – The judicial authority may, at the request of a parent or guardian, grant permission for two years.

Article 84 – In the case of travel abroad, the authorization can be waived if the child or adolescent:

I – is accompanied by both parents or guardian

II – to travel with one parent, expressly authorized by another through a document notarized.

Article 85 – without the express prior authorization, no child or adolescent born in national territory may leave the country in company of a foreigner resident or domiciled abroad.