If the passenger has to make complaints of care provided by the airport or the airlines should seek tax of Civil Aviation of ANAC, Section of Civil Aviation (SAC) located in the main Brazilian airports and fill out the registration Occurrence (RO).

Complaints can also be made to the Office of Relationship with Users ANAC (Brasilia International Airport – Industry Wholesale – Lot 5 – Brasília / DF – CEP 71608-900), by phone +55 61 3905-2665 or by e-mail [email protected]. ANAC open administrative process to establish the facts and the application of any legal sanctions.

If the User airlift want to complain the services provided by the ANAC, should contact the ombudsman of the agency, by phone +55 61 3905-2645 or by e-mail [email protected]. The complaint can also be made in person or by letter at the address above.

Sections of Civil Aviation (SAC) are the Civil Aviation Authority – ANAC at airports and are responsible for monitoring and assistance to users, with respect to the guarantee of their rights.