Publicado em 6 de dezembro de 2012 às 11:39

According to concessionaire, invasion supporters damage was not hard

The invasion of the supporters of Corinthians to Guarulhos International Airport to say goodbye to the team, who embarked heading to Japan for the Club World Cup, did not cause any significant damage, according to a statement issued by the concessionaire that runs the airport.

Despite the large number of fans who followed the departure of the delegation of the Corinthians, there was nothing that affected the functioning and operation of the airport takeoffs and landings remained normal.

Data from the Military Police estimate that about 12 000 corintianos went to the airport on Monday (03), and the party ended in confrontation with police after the passage of the bus along the side of the parking lot and the invasion of the lobby.

Some fans unleashed bombs, lit flares, locked escalators and used fire extinguishers at the airport itself. Four fans were arrested.

The confusion was only controlled about 30 minutes later.