Publicado em 19 de outubro de 2012 às 13:44

Emergency measure leaves 17 injured on Glasgow Airport

On the morning of Friday (19), an emergency evacuation of an airplane of Jet2 airlines left 17 injured at the airport in Glasgow, Scotland, after a warning of smoke in the cabin.

The Boeing 737 was preparing to take off towards Alicante (Spain), when the alert sounded. The pilot of the plane eventually stop made an emergency and the crew and 189 passengers evacuated the plane through the emergency exit using an inflatable slide.

Four people were sent to hospital and another 13 had to receive medical treatment on site, with minor injuries.

It is estimated that at least 12 other international flights were delayed and another departing to Dublin (Ireland) had to be canceled due to the accident. Six more flights were diverted to another airport in the country, in Edinburgh.

The runway at Glasgow airport was just released for takeoffs and landings in the late morning.

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