Publicado em 27 de abril de 2012 às 12:00

Congonhas Airport has normal movement, despite the rain in Sao Paulo

The operations of landings and departures at Congonhas Airport, in the southern area of Sao Paulo, normally occur in the morning today (27), despite the rain, according to the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero). Of the 50 flights scheduled between 6am and 9am, 18 were delayed and two were canceled.

However, last night (26), many passengers were unable to board flights with TAM and Gol and had to sleep in the terminal. According to the companies, because of the rain we had to make detours and relocations takeoffs.

In a statement, TAM reported today that The average waiting on flights delayed in the early morning, was 32 ​​minutes in the domestic mesh and 40 minutes on international travels. Compared to yesterday (26th) evening, the company said that due to bad weather, “part of scheduled flights to Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, had been canceled or switched to other landing sites.”

Gol also attributed the problem to the rain and reported that six flights were leaving from Congonhas towards Londrina, Bauru, Campo Grande, Florianópolis and Maringa had takeoffs changed to the Guarulhos Airport (Sao Paulo). Five flights with Gol planned landing in Congonhas have been diverted to Viracopos in Campinas and Guarulhos. “Any cancellations and / or changes in flight schedules and routes are procedures for bad weather, though unwanted, sometimes necessary to air operations,” the company said in a statement.

Statement released by Infraero reports that yesterday, from 6am to 10pm, of the 338 scheduled flights to Congonhas, 78 had delays of more than 30 minutes and 12 were canceled.

By Marli Moreira
Reporter of Agência Brasil