Publicado em 7 de fevereiro de 2013 às 10:59

Airfare web reach R$ 2600 of difference

The offer of airfare sites for virtual agencies may have a big difference. The value of the passage of the same airline may be up to 32% higher when compared with tickets purchased directly from airlines.

You need lots of attention and patience to search for the best prices, since the discrepancy occurs even with tickets purchased up to three months in advance and outside the high season of destinations.

According to a simulation made by the newspaper O Globo, a direct flight, round trip, between the city of Rio de Janeiro to New York, with a family of up to four people, and among the passengers, being two people children of up to 12 years, was found the difference of R$ 2600.

What is worth byt the time is to research carefully, so the illusion won’t make passengers pay more for the same service.

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