Declaration Goods – IRS

Who must declare goods purchased abroad

Must satisfy the Accompanied Baggage Declaration on arrival to the country passengers over 16 years old.

Goods acquired abroad tax free

Are exempt from books, personal goods and domestic goods or nationalized.

In personal goods are included one used wristwatch, sunglasses, clothes, shoes, cosmetics and hygiene.

One camera and one cell are also exempt from tax, provided it is proven buying these for personal use.

There are tax-exempt camcorders and notebooks.

Assets acquired prior to the trip

For assets acquired prior to the trip you must submit invoice issued by domiciled in the country or in the case of property acquired abroad on a previous trip, the Accompanied Baggage Declaration.

Quantity of goods allowed

To be exempt from taxes, the goods declared must respect the limits of 12 liters for alcoholic drinks, 10 packs of cigarettes with 20 units each, 25 units of cigars and cigarillos or 250 grams of tobacco. For objects of low cost, with less than US$ 10.00 (ten dollars), 20 units are permitted provided that no more than 10 identical units. Goods that do not fit into the characteristics and previous non-personal use shall not exceed the maximum of three identical units.

The goods in excess of those quantities will be retained by the IRS.

Value of property for exemption

Passengers who do not exceed the limits of the property, described earlier, is entitled to tax exemption for goods brought from abroad until the share of US$500.00 (five hundred dollars), this value being personal and not transferable and can be used once in one month.

If the value of assets acquired exceeds this quota will be charged 50% tax on the value exceeding US$ 500.00.


If the Accompanied Baggage Declaration is presented in a misleading or incomplete will be charged a penalty of 50% of the value exceeding the exemption limit.

Assets acquired in Free Shop

Goods purchased on arrival Free Shop in Brazil do not count toward the limit of property acquired abroad, the passenger can make purchases on Free Shop to the limit of US$ 500.00 per person.


Information of Internal Revenue Service, the agency responsible for Declaration of Assets, may be obtained by calling +55 11 2445-2945.