Airlines Liability

Assistance Plan

In case of disaster with some of its aircraft, all airlines operating in Brazil and Brazil are required to assist families of passengers who were on board. Companies must provide a service 0800 for information regarding the accident, personal service to the families of the victims prior to disclosure by the press on the passenger list and to provide family transportation to the place of the disaster, accommodation, food, medical and psychological care.


- The airline and its agents are responsible to provide all information to users relating to the General Conditions of Carriage, in the time of ticket purchase. In the case of changes to those rules, the airline must provide the user with all necessary information relating to transport.

- When these changes result in delays in departure times, it is necessary that the airport management is informed and it is recommended that the airline make every effort to notify users in a timely manner in order to prevent them from moving to the airport unnecessarily

- The airline, through its agencies to coordinate traffic, you should keep your reps at airports informed about the flow of its aircraft, estimated time of takeoff and departure delays, flight cancellations, and any changes resulting in modification of its network and will interfere with flights arriving and departing from those airports.

- The airline, through its representatives at airports shall report to the Central Information Airport confirmations of arrival and departure of their flights as soon as available and at least 30 minutes of the scheduled time.

- The airline, through its representatives at airports, you should report immediately to the Information Center Airport any change in its flight, so that users can receive through the system of airport information, visual and audio warnings about changes.