Publicado em 29 de abril de 2013 às 10:20

Guarulhos airport is chosen as the best in dining options

The Cumbica International Airport, in Guarulhos, was elected in a survey with thousand Brazilian of several regions, as the best airport in the country to make meals. The airport has 14 coffee shops, 17 bars and restaurants, 10 cafes and pastry shops 6.

In addition to the 47 eating establishments that already exist on the site, is expected to be opened a new food court in Terminal 2.

Already the worst airport in the question meals, is Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro, which has 10 outlets in the food sector.

The survey was conducted by travel search engine Skyscanner, during the month of March. Respondents evaluated the quality of the food at 11 airports, the busiest in the country. Guarulhos airport received a score of 7.2 and Santos Dumont Airport got 6.2 in the opinion of the participants.

Besides the evaluation of the gastronomic services, respondents were also asked to answer what kind of food you like to ask when you are at the airport. First are the sandwiches, with 67% of responses. Then there are the “salteds”, with 46%, followed by burger and fries combo, with 38%.

In the ranking appears even pizza (28%), salads and pasta (27%) and other foods (21%).

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