Publicado em 11 de abril de 2013 às 11:03

Cargo terminal of Cumbica Airport will receive investments

The Cargo Terminal from Guarulhos International Airport will receive about R$ 45 million in investments, of which R$ 25 million of this amount will be allocated to reform warehouses, increasing cargo area to get acclimatized and purchasing new equipment to perform the operations.

The investment will be over this year and already includes R$ 10 million for the renovation of the building company. The remaining R$ 10 million will be invested in the modernization of operating systems and services.

There are 42 airlines operating in the Cargo Terminal of Cumbica Airport, especially within the pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics and aerospace. Among these companies, 10 are Brazilian and the other 32 are international.

Cargo transportation is responsible for 34% of revenue from Guarulhos Airport.