Publicado em 19 de dezembro de 2012 às 15:13

Terminal 4 of the Cumbica airport is underutilized

Terminal 4′s Guarulhos International Airport, which received an investment of R$ 85.6 million to be built a year ago and was opened about ten months, uses only 17% of his capacity. Pass through the site an average of 2,600 passengers a day, when he could receive 15 000 daily.

The number is the amount of passenger of the airlines Azul and Trip, working as one company and operating exclusively in the new terminal.

While Terminal 4 receives 42 operations – 21 takeoffs and 21 landings – per day, Terminals 1 and 2 receive the same amount in the period of one hour during peak hours. The two terminals are also working 15% beyond capacity.

During the administration of Infraero, was attempting to pass the Gol also operate at Terminal 4, to make better use of the capacity. However, the company showed no interest in fear that harm to passengers who need to make a connection to another country, since the terminal only serves domestic flights and is located 2 km from the other terminals.

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