Publicado em 29 de abril de 2013 às 10:32

Passenger can dispatch his own luggage in new terminal in Cumbica

Starting in August, the new terminal of Cumbica International Airport, in Guarulhos, passengers will be able to order your own bags in the baggage tagging equipment self attendances available at the airport.

According to the concessionaire that manages the airport, the terminal will have a hundred totems to check in and print luggage tag on terminals 1 and 2. Currently, the airport has only 25 such equipment.

Each totem auto attendant has the information of all airlines operating at the airport. The machine will even provide instructions on how to label the bag.

Once you go through the passenger self-service, he shall go to the company’s booth only to conference documents and check the weight of luggage. Thus it is expected that the time of check-in is reduced by up to 50%, according to the dealership.

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