Publicado em 20 de março de 2013 às 18:07

Brazil does not meet requirements for U.S. visas

Even with the support of President Barack Obama, Brazilian authorities still do not meet certain requirements to Brazil to be included in the visa waiver program in the United States. The government will decide later this week whether to enter the program pre-approval, a move that would help about five thousand people.

Among the seven measures for Brazilians traveling to the United States without a visa, Brazil has agreed to only two, which relate to reciprocal and regular reviews of procedures.

With the difficulties of implementing the waiver program, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs made ​​a determination to the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police, that a program of pre-approval to be put in place. The idea would be that people who had already joined, only pass by a kiosk automated without the need to wait in line at immigration.

The IRS and the Federal Police don’t agree with the terms of the U.S. government, which requires access to data from Brazilian businessmen.

A non-obligation to visas for Brazilians is one of the measures that the United States found to recover from the financial crisis.