Publicado em 2 de maio de 2013 às 15:21

Moviment of cargo in Cumbica is the subject of meeting

On next 8, the Users Committee of Ports and Airports in the State of São Paulo (Comus) will hold a meeting to discuss and analyze the operations of cargo export and import from Cumbica International Airport, in Guarulhos. The meeting is scheduled to take place at 16h in the Commercial Association of São Paulo.

Currently the operations of cargo happen 24 hours a day. Among the points to be discussed at the meeting, is the time that is allocated to each procedure.

The Chief Inspector of Customs Cumbica International Airport, Jorge Edison Takeshi Kaneko, Chief Inspector of Customs in São Paulo, João de Figueiredo Cruz, and Operations Manager of Cargo GRUAirport, Marcus Santarém, are some of the people who will part of the meeting.

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