Publicado em 10 de maio de 2013 às 11:56

Anti-fog equipment from Guarulhos airport may be ineffective

The anti fog equipment purchased for Cumbica International Airport, in Guarulhos, will be rarely used. The system cost R$ 8.9 million, and despite the high cost must meet only a minority of flights, about one day each year.

The “Instrument Landing System” is already in operation in the winter of this year, according to Infraero. However, few flights will be benefited by the use of the equipment, since it requires certified aircraft and trained pilots, that the major airlines of the country do not have.

TAM, Gol, Azul and Avianca Brazil together account for 70% of the flights in Cumbica, but should have their flights diverted in case of fog.

The justification given by companies is the high value of training to enable pilots to use the equipment, ILS 3, acquired by Infraero.

For the director of Abear, Ronaldo Jenkins, the purchase of equipment is not compensated for Cumbica because most pilots are prepared to ILS 2.

Newsroom, with Terra informations