Publicado em 5 de abril de 2012 às 14:15

Infraero expected movement of 2 million passengers in Easter Week

For those who will be traveling through Brazilians airports in the Easter, Infraero prepared a special scheme in the 66 airports it manages.

Predicting a movement of 2 million passengers on holiday, about 9% higher than in 2011, Infraero planned several measures to ensure the comfort of travelers in this period.

Teams on duty will increase the safety and operational areas, ensuring the maintenance of equipment, cleaning of airports and operation of elevators.

Dressed in yellow vests, officials Infraero, which are part of the campaign “May I Help You”, will be running in the halls to guide and support the passengers.

At Guarulhos, Congonhas, Brasilia, Santos Dumont, Galleon, Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Manaus and Confis, members of Infraero, ANAC, airlines, the Federal Police, IRS and Vigiagro will enhance the monitoring actions.