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Relations between Brazil and Spain would not be prejudiced with requirements for Spanish

Renata Giraldi e Elaine Patricia Cruz
Reporters Agência Brasil

Political, economic, trade and diplomatic between Brazil and Spain will not be affected due to the entry requirements for the Spanish in Brazil, according to the director of the Brazilian Department of Communities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luiza Lopes da Silva.

“Our relationship with Spain goes beyond the issue of migration. There is an excellent relationship between both countries in levels of trade, economic and cultural, for example, “said Luiza Lopes to EBC. “That does not contaminate thebilateral agenda. Not affect or interfere in relations between the two countries. ”

The diplomat reiterated that the list of demands from the Brazilian government for the Spaniards, which took effect last Monday (2), forms part of a diplomatic principle of reciprocity. The decision was taken following numerous complaints from Brazilianswho complain of discrimination and humiliation in Spain when trying to enter the country.

The Foreign Ministry said that the negotiations with Spain in an attempt to change thedemands on Brazilian place four years ago, without success. In 2007, 3,013Brazilians were not allowed to enter Spain, in 2011 this number dropped to 1,402.Despite the reduction, the Brazilians continued complaints of mistreatment by the Spanish at airports in the country.

The list of requirements set by the Brazilian government for the Spanish includes the presentation of a valid passport for at least six months, return ticket and proof due date, which disposes of at least R$ 170 per day for expenses.

The Spanish who are staying in a hotel should present the document reservation andwho is to stay with friends or relatives need to submit a letter of invitation - containing the resident’s signature notarized Brazilian term of stay of the Spanish tourist, linkageamong them, accompanied by proof of residence.