Publicado em 13 de abril de 2012 às 12:50

Iberia has 121 flights canceled in the second day of strike

On the second day of strike, 121 flights of the airline Iberia have been suspended today (13). From a total of 333 scheduled flights, only 212 are fully operating, the company said. The pilots’ strike will occur on Mondays and Fridays until June 20.They want wage increase and react to the creation of the company Iberia Express, a low cost. The movement began on day 9.

Iberia Express is low cost airline for short and medium haul, that started its activities in the last day 25. The company started to operate flights to four destinations in Spain -Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga and Seville. The idea is that until December, 2.5 million passengers use the services of the company.

More than 100 airports around the world operate with Iberia. The company said changes will be made on tickets and refunds so customers are not harmed. In a statement, the company informed about the detailed strike and canceled flights. According to the company, the ratio of canceled flights is updated every day of stoppage.

In the case of passengers who bought tickets at travel agencies, Iberia guides that come into contact with these companies to make changes or refunds. According to the statement, passengers can obtain information through the social networks Twitter and Facebook.

By Renata Giraldi
Reporter of Agência Brasil