Publicado em 2 de abril de 2013 às 15:09

Compensation for lost luggage may reach R $ 3,415

According to the new standard baggage that is being prepared by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the airline that lost, damaged or violate the suitcase of a passenger shall pay a compensation of R $ 3,415.

In addition to the indemnity amount, the company will also pay an “allowance” of R $ 301 for passengers who are outside of their home.

A new classification of missing bag of the new standard is that any lost luggage not returned within seven days, while today this period is 30 days. Today, there is still no date for the value to be paid, while the new standard provides for a maximum period of two weeks.

To receive a value greater than the maximum, the passenger must declare the valley as it takes on luggage before boarding.

In cases of tampered luggage, the passenger must make a police report.

In case of breach of the rules, companies must pay a fine of up to $ 300,000.

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