Publicado em 2 de abril de 2013 às 11:21

Average of airport closures in 2012 reaches 5 per day

In 2012 there were 1804 closings of airports due to lack of minimum conditions for takeoffs and landings, usually caused by bad weather. The average reaches five closings per day.

Airport Joinville, in Santa Catarina, was the airport that was closed the most, totaling 163 times, while Congonhas in São Paulo, was closed 34.

The worst period was the beginning of the year when rainfall is more intense, which often hampers visibility.

In the State of São Paulo were 56 occurrences of the genre, seven in Guarulhos and fifteen in São José dos Campos, one of the most important regional airports in the country, and that is already in the plans of the federal government for investment.

Among the ten airports that were closed more times last year, five didn’t have tools to help operations in cases of difficulty seeing.

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