Publicado em 31 de julho de 2012 às 18:07

Brazilian Federal Policy dismantle international trafficking on São Paulo

A federal police operation called Remote Connection, dismantled an international gang of drug trafficking. About 150 police officers tend to execute 39 arrest warrants at the time.

The investigation began after the seizure of a Moroccan almost 5 kilos of cocaine at the airport in Guarulhos. Although acquitted, alleging that the suitcase was not his, police could establish links between it and Nigerians who worked in Brazil, Africa and Europe recruiting so-called “mules” – people who received 5 to $ 8,000 per trip for transportation of narcotics. The drugs were bound primarily the United States and its origin were mostly from Africa.

On further investigation it was found that the profits from trafficking were sent illegally to Nigeria for investment in real estate.

In the course of the investigation with the support of the Military Police, were seized over 34 “mules” and about 70kg of cocaine.