Publicado em 11 de abril de 2013 às 11:53

IATA predicts a high of 10% in global demand for air travel

According to information from the International Air Transport Association, IATA, the strong growth in air travel had a high of 1.2% in February compared to the previous month, and must continue to provide satisfactory levels.

The hope is that the airline industry is responding to a general improvement in the business environment that has been happening in recent months worldwide.

Occupancy rates companies also reached a record high hit in February, reaching 80%. The most significant advances are among the airlines of Asia, the Pacific and North America.

However, the freight market remains high with more modest, with growth of just 2.5% since October 2012. With the increase of 1% in February on offer cargo transport, the Association forecasts a drop in the occupancy rate of the segment.

The rates of corporate profits are similar to the rates achieved in the same period of 2012.