Publicado em 22 de abril de 2013 às 11:23

Google gets permission to build private airport in the U.S.

The Google headquarters, located in Mountain View, will win a particular airport. The construction of the airport was passed almost unanimously by the city council and is budgeted at US$ 82 million.

The construction will be the responsibility of Signature Flight Support, which is an international conglomerate in the aviation industry. However, for the approval of the work the company had to accept some conditions of the municipality, such as the restriction of night flights.

The track where the takeoffs and landings of the company, shall be annexed to San Jose International Airport, and will be administered by the operator of the jets and small planes used by Google, Blue City Holdings.

The construction of the airport is an alternative to the first plan presented by the company that was rejected by the government of Mountain View. The initial plan was the expansion and reform of Hanger One, estimated at US$ 45 million.

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