Publicado em 23 de outubro de 2012 às 17:01

Brazil asks for more american visas than China

With increasing class C, there was also an increase in requests for tourist visas at Americans consulates. Already last year Brazil had surpassed the number of requests from China, with 746,300 visas for Brazilian tourists, 44,600 more than the visas requested by the Chinese.

The high demand has caused Americans to seek measures to ease the process and avoid lines that push the limits of consulates daily.

The motivation for Brazilians to travel to the United States is still mainly tourism and business travel. The Brazilians also seek much the region of Miami, looking for products that here in Brazil the cost is still too high, making it worth paying the price of tickets.

Despite a meeting between Antonio Patriota, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State, scheduled for this week, there is a forecast for the elimination of visa requirements for Brazilians.

The issuance and rejection of visas to the United States generates an income of nearly $ 200 million per year.

From Newsroom, with O Estado de São Paulo informations