Publicado em 30 de outubro de 2012 às 10:31

Hurricane closes the 3 airports in New York

The Sandy hurricane caused the cancellation of thousands of flights on the East Coast of the United States on Monday, affecting passengers not only the U.S. but also the Asian coast and europe.

The constant warnings of the dangers of the storm meant that the risks are minimized by preventing in preserving life. Transports were suspended, classes, trade and industry, but nothing can contain the fury of nature in its combination of devastating climatic accidents.

The three New York airports are closed and there is no forecast for opening at least two days. |

The bigger problem is that the island of Manhattan is strategic not only for domestic flights, but also for the international routes.

According to the service FlightAware, which tracks flights in the country, almost 10 000 were canceled on Sunday and Monday. Delays are recorded in various regions of the country, affecting passengers in large cities like San Francisco and Chicago.

In Europe and Asia, companies have had to cancel or delay flights to New York and Washington. Departs from cities like London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo are among the most affected.