Publicado em 4 de setembro de 2012 às 17:19

Gol airlines retreats and loses the leadership of domestic flights on Brazil

Gol peaked last year when it became the largest airline in the market for domestic flights on Brazil, alternating the lead with Tam for months, but this year gives demonstration of not having enough breath to keep on top and sees its share market regress the third consecutive month.

The company went on to become the top 1 with the acquisition of Webjet. After suceed retractions, returned to lag behind in June and July. Specialists says however, the decrease was expected. With the restructuring of the business model that the company has been treading, including layoffs and other cuts, Gol seeks to set aside the dispute of the market and focus on profitability.

According to expert there is an oversupply of seats on the market that is hardly covered in the short time. With the high dollar and oil prices were further stretches air pressure, making it difficult to fill the seats and causing flights deficit.

Anyway there is no reason to fanfare, only  a sign that the economy is less heated than expected.

Source: From the Newsroom with information and ANAC Official State of São Paulo