Publicado em 25 de setembro de 2013 às 11:10

The importance of hiring a travel insurance

In some countries the International Travel Insurance is mandatory. Understand as a precautionary measure can be so necessary as important.

When we plan a trip we should not leave the safety side. Just as carefully chose our destination, and airline scheduling, we also need to pay attention to the unforeseen events that can happen.

In May 2013, an accident involving two balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey, left 23 people injured and three fatalities. In case, the company responsible for the balloons took responsibility and banked with medical costs for the recovery of the wounded. However, accidents can not involve a company, and tourists themselves should shoulder the hospital bills and medicines. A simple fall that leave some a bit more serious injury can already give much headache.

The International Travel Insurance is mandatory?

Some countries now require an International Travel Insurance, as the countries of the European Community after the signing of the Schengen Treaty, covering medical and hospital assistance a minimum amount of 30,000 euros. Is required during the landing, the passenger show proof of insurance with the minimum amount required by the country.


The travel insurance provides assistance to travelers during their stay and return. There are many Insurance, each targeting a traveler profile and adapting well to their destinations. Insurance may, in addition to bear medical expenses, provide assistance with daily flights for late, lost, stolen or damaged baggage, among others. Plans also are diverse and can be chosen in several categories, such as leisure travel, business or family trips.

Where to purchase a travel insurance

Some travel companies now offer insurance on the package, but it can also be hired looking for a broker. Prices range coverage, for example, plans to travelers in exchange can be cheaper because the trips are longer, but plans for travelers who chose to take a cruise can reach very high prices, since medical treatment on the ship is even more expensive.

But, regardless of destination, make sure that you will be supported in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The travel insurance provides a better use of his travels, preventing a dream can turn into a nightmare. When hiring this service, carefully read the contract and know your rights.