Publicado em 27 de maio de 2013 às 12:10

High prices for travel within Brazil encourage foreign trips

Boosted by high prices to travel within the country, Brazilians are spending increasingly on his trips abroad. The spent outdoors is three times higher than in Brazil itself.

The imbalance has concerned economists.

In recent years, the spending of visitors in Brazil increased by only 15% while the cost of Brazilians who travel abroad more than doubled.
The favorite destination of tourists in Brazil remains the Rio de Janeiro, however there are many other destinations in the north and northeast that have attracted visitors.

The family of businesswoman Carla Alexandre, according to the G1, preferred to go to Orlando to Fernando de Noronha, due to high prices. The goal, of seeing dolphins, would be much more economical in the parks Americans than in the Brazilian archipelago.

One reason for the high cost in domestic travel are the hotels that end up matching the price of good European hotels that often offer longer stay for the same price.
Newsroom, with G1 informations