Publicado em 1 de agosto de 2013 às 13:58

Tam Airlines announces layoffs

One of the largest airlines in the country, TAM, announced through its press office that should dismiss to a thousand employees. Among the sectors that will be cut, is the flight crew – which includes pilots, copilots and commissioners.

The need to lay off many employees, according to the company itself, is in the high impact that the value of the dollar and the price of fuel brought to the company, which had to reduce supply by approximately 12% since 2011.

The change, according to TAM, will bring the staff with the operation reduced of the company, which is already in place – this way, the scheduled flights will not change. After a boom in the last decade, the airline industry is shrinking to difficulties – since the demand has grown at a slower speed.

In addition to the layoffs, reduction in supply has been an alternative, providing higher occupancies of flights, reducing the damage.