Publicado em 29 de julho de 2013 às 14:58

Administrators of airports plan to increase profities

Administradoras de aeroportos pretendem aumentar receita

Companies that currently manage the airports of Guarulhos, Brasilia and Viracopos, that passed through auction process in 2012, intend to increase its revenue as forecast. The dealers do not mention price increase in rates, but emphasize the need to gain through the expansion of commercial spaces.

The intention of management companies is to turn the terminal aviators in malls, thus recovering the investments billionaires to win the grant process. The auction of the three airports together reached total R$ 24.5 billions.

Without the need for so much paperwork, such as state-owned companies, the private companies can dispense bids and go directly to the hiring process with retailers.

All concessionaires admitted seeking work with strong brands, leaving the image of small shops airports.