Publicado em 11 de junho de 2013 às 13:07

Boarding at Guarulhos airport is faster

According to information released by the Marcelo Pacheco dos Guaranys, CEO of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), Guarulhos airport showed an improvement in efficiency, with a 30% faster shipment.

The improvement in efficiency is not given only at the speed of boarding but also on landing and quality of care. The director explained that officials advise passengers of the x-ray procedures, warning of shoes, belts, watches and other objects that should be taken off to expedite the shipment.

He also highlighted the fast check-in, as passengers are reminded of what documents should have on hand when they arrive at the airline counter.

A spokesperson for the airport ensures that until August over a hundred totems will be available for customers of all airlines to do the check-in to anywhere, streamlining the process further.