Publicado em 10 de maio de 2013 às 15:30

Greek living in Rio airport for more than 21 days

Konstantinos Onassis Tourlis, a Greek of 55 years, made ​​the lobby of the Tom Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, his residence. He arrived in Brazil on April 2, and remained in a hotel, but for lack of money has to wait at the airport in Rio the opportunity to return to Greece since the middle of April.

Konstantinos claims to be the uncle of Athina Onassis, hipista, and said he had come to Brazil to visit his sister, Christina Onassis. However, Christina died in 1988, five years after the last time that the Greek reports having seen her in 1983.

The press office of the hipista denied any kinship with Konstantinos.

The Consulate of Greece in Brazil said it was assisting the Greek. The consulate has sent R$ 300, and a representative to assist you, and an airport restaurant charges a nominal fee of R$ 5 per meal. The return to his homeland was complicated by the Holy Week holiday in Greece.

On this Friday (10) the consulate give the response from the Greek judicial system and Konstantinos finally, return to his country.