Publicado em 30 de novembro de 2012 às 12:25

580 employees Infraero will not participate of transaction dealerships

According to data released by Infraero on Thursday (29), 20% of employees who worked at airports that passed through auction in February, should not be used by the new concessionaires.

The number reaches 580 employees, among the three airports (Guarulhos, Campinas and Brasilia), which should be “returned” to Infraero. The other employees who accept change company will receive five years of tenure on the bench and 1.2 salary per year of service in Infraero.

There is also the possibility of suspending the contract with Infraero for 18 months as a period of “experimentation” in the new position. If the employee does not adapt, it will come back to the table with the state deadline.

For officials who remain in the state, they must be transferred to another location. The state is also considering a measure to promote voluntary dismissal, by offering benefits to those who leave the company. According to the president of Infraero, there will be no mass layoffs.

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