Publicado em 9 de abril de 2012 às 14:30

156 flights may be canceled due to strike of the airline Iberia

The Spanish airline Iberia will cancel 156 flights scheduled for today (04/09). In total, the company makes, on average, 54 domestic flights, 64 for nine countries in Europe and transoceanic, but there are days when those numbers go up. More than 100airports around the world operate with Iberia. The company said changes will be madeon tickets and refunds to reduce the losses to customers.

The cancellation of flights due to the strike triggered by the pilots, which will be helduntil June 20, always on Mondays and Fridays. The pilots claim wage increases.Since December, they have been warning the company about the possibility of paralysis.

In a statement published on the Iberia, the company said details about the strike andcanceled flights. According to the airline, the ratio of canceled flights will be updatedfrequently.

In the case of passengers who bought tickets at travel agencies, Iberia guides that come into contact with these companies to organize changes or refunds. According to the statement, passengers can obtain information through social networks Twitter and Facebook.

By Renata Giraldi
Reporter of Agência Brasil