Publicado em 5 de abril de 2012 às 15:13

Benedito Calixto Antiques Fair

Feira de antiguidades da Benedito CalixtoBenedito Calixto Antiques Fair is very popular in Sao Paulo, especially for residents of the neighborhood. Established in 1987, it attracts a more varied audience. Here you can find a little of everything.

The strength of the fair is antiques. Rarities from past decades attract most of the public.

And what do they sell? Well everything from vintage Ray Bans to Tiffany-style lamps, vinyl albums and wall clocks.

Thrift stores obviously take shelter there, they fit perfectly with the profile of the fair. Not just any thrift store, the clothes can be anything from jeans and T-shirts to pieces of Chanel.

If you do not enjoy antiques, there is plenty more on offer. There are galleries around the square which have artisans and designers selling beautiful and unique new goods.

In addition, the fair features live music and great food stalls, plus excellent restaurants nearby. It’s well worth a visit.