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Theme park in São Paulo

Hopi Hari Parque de DiversõesLocated near Campinas, 70km from São Paulo city is the Hopi Hari.  Great fun and a creation of a parallel world promises its guests an unforgettable day.

From the road nearby is already possible to see the towers of the most popular attractions and a great roller coaster.

In the parking lot you can listen to the screams of those who are inside the toys.

One curiosity is that the park has its own dialect and currency, but it is all a joke to help get into the mood of the Hopi Hari universe .
Upon arrival you will be greeted with the song from there and a stamp in your hand.

For most of the radical toys is necessary to have stomach. In the tower for example you will fall from a height of no more, no less than 69.5 meters (23 floors of a building) at 94km / h. In the Montezuma toy, the wooden roller coaster, you will travel over a kilometer to more than 100 km / h. Besides these, also has the looping, Mexican Hat and many other traditional toy parks.

To eat, there are many restaurants within the park, but worth a special attention to Saloon. There you make a snack while watching a cowboy show. It’s good to digestion, because you will still need the stomach for the rest of the day.

Like it? Will face? For more information of the park, directions, schedule and prices, the official website is

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