Publicado em 3 de junho de 2013 às 11:08

Main mode to reach airports is still the private car

According to a survey conducted by the Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC) in the first three months of the year, with 21,200 passengers in 15 major Brazilian airports, most people come to the airport by private car, and when they opt for public transport two out of three preferred taxi.

About 52% of passengers use the private car, 38% public transport and 10% of respondents were connecting. About which they have used public transport, about 67% opted for taxi and only 25% used the bus.

In many cases, what hinders the decision of the means of getting to the airport is the low number of alternatives. From the airports analyzed, only the airports in Recife and Rio de Janeiro, Santos Dumont, have subways fairly close.

The main problem when using cars and buses to get to the airport, is the vulnerability to traffic, so the subway would be the safest alternative.

In São Paulo, there are two projects, one train and another monorail, which will have stations in Cumbica and Congonhas, respectively.
Other assessments will be made throughout the year.

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