Publicado em 4 de janeiro de 2013 às 14:54

Brazilian family is arrested with cocaine at Spanish airport

Were arrested at Barajas airport in Madrid, four Brazilians who took cocaine beside the bodies. It was a family – parents, son and daughter in law – carrying 7 kg of the drug, according to information released by Spanish police on Friday (04). They were arrested on New Year’s Eve as they reached the airport, on a flight that had departed from São Paulo.

Besides this case, between December 29 and January 1, according to police sources, six more people were arrested by the Group of Narcotics, with 11 kg of cocaine inside the body, hidden under clothes or in false bottoms of luggage.

A statement released said that the drug could be retained through the police checkpoint that is done at the airport, which classifies as “Hot Air” those who have the departure from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Bolivia, among others.

Among those arrested, three carried the drug in the form of balls inside the body, presenting a high risk to the lives of people, with the possibility of packaging breaking.