Publicado em 10 de abril de 2013 às 10:44

Airlines and passengers are the most affected by lack of investment

Even with the increase in the number of passengers, many problems been occurring in Brazilian airline industry. With this, the costs are more expensive, but the product is still having dubious quality. Delays are frequent and the service is poor.

The loss for airlines, according to the Brazilian Association of Airline Companies (Abear) was R $ 84 million last year.

In a text that circulates over the Internet, identified as an anonymous letter from a pilot, the author compares air travel in Brazil to do a safari in Africa. Among the problems he cites the lack of places for aircraft in the courtyards of the terminals, precarious working conditions for operators and lack of flight taxiing areas towards the main runway, metro linking the airport to urban centers and technology for operation flights in critical situations, such as bad weather.

While in other countries 7% of GDP is allocated to infrastructure projects in Brazil this percentage is less than 3%. Renato Cláudio Costa Pereira, former secretary general of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), supports the idea that while the country does not promote a continued investment in the sector, it will always be inadequate and precarious.