Publicado em 7 de junho de 2013 às 11:16

Special airport courts to be strengthened during Confederations Cup

Special airport courts (“juizados dos aeroportos”) in cities that will host games during the Confederations Cup (Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Fortaleza and Salvador), along with two airports in São Paulo – Congonhas and Guarulhos – will have new operating times during the competition. These courts have been set up to resolve passenger-carrier disputes.

According to Mariella Ferraz de Arruda Nogueira, a judge, the objective is to create a direct line of communication between the special courts and airline legal representatives so that cases can be litigated in a timely fashion right at the airport.

Carriers are reported to have promised to keep legal representatives on standby in airports who will work with public prosecutors and representatives of the Bar Association (“OAB”).

Passengers are being asked to evaluate carrier legal representatives and functionaries of the special courts. The idea is to evaluate the evaluation as part of preparations for the 2014 World Soccer Cup.

Agência Brazil