Passenger Duties

a) Present themselves for boarding, in possession of legal identification document at the time established by the carrier in the ticket.

b) be properly dressed and footwear.

c) Obey the warnings written on board or transmitted by the crew.

d) Refrain from action that causes annoyance, discomfort or injury to other passengers.

e) No smoking on board.

f) Keep off audio equipment, electronics and telecommunications, which may interfere with the operation of the aircraft or disrupt the tranquility of the other passengers.

g) Do not use a beverage other than those offered by the service commissioner carrier.

h) Not having dangerous items in baggage.

i) Not accommodate the hand luggage in place of transit passengers or in locations that interfere with emergency exits.

j) To keep under his care and supervision, while in the passenger terminal, all your luggage properly identified.

k) Do not carry baggage that is not owned or who do not know its contents.