Flight Information

Flight Delays

If the flight is canceled or delayed, the airline must accommodate the passenger on another flight the company itself or from another four hours. If this deadline is not met, the User may choose to travel on another flight, get endorsement or refund of the ticket. For those who decide to travel on another flight the same day or next day, the company is obliged to provide accommodation, meals and transportation from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport, plus reimburse expenses resulting from delayed calls.

Flight Cancellation

If the flight is canceled by the airline, the passenger has the right to choose to travel on another flight, ask for a refund or endorsement of the passage. The Casio passenger decides not to travel more, shall forward the cancellation to the airline, in view of the existing differentiated tariffs and various procedures to be followed in each case


Overbooking occurs when the passenger can not board the flight that had reservations due to excess passengers. In this case, the airline is required to accommodate the User on another flight within a maximum of four hours. If this deadline is not met, the passenger may choose to travel in another 5 of the same company, to endorse the ticket or claim a refund of the ticket. Opting to board another flight, the airline must provide the passenger accommodation, food, communication and transportation to the hotel and back to the airport.

User can also choose to be a voluntary passenger, accepting travel on another flight than originally booked. In this case, airlines must ofereceruma compensation, which can be accommodation in superior class (upgrade) or a credit – which can be used to pay excess baggage, purchase another airline ticket or converted into cash within a maximum of 30 days. In addition, the passenger will still preserve the right to use the original ticket. And the expenses for food, transportation to the airport, accommodation and phone calls, resulting from overbooking, borne by the airline.

All these rights are valid only if the passenger has confirmed reservaassento and has attended the check-in with the airline at least 30 minutes early for domestic flights and one hour for international flights.

Reimbursement and Endorsement of Passage

The ticket, including electronic (purchased over the Internet), is the security for the loan that the passenger is. So, if it is within the validity period, the User will be refunded with the amount actually paid and updated, based on the tariff rate on the date of application for reimbursement. If an international ticket, the value will be calculated based on the foreign currency at current exchange rates. Conditions di reimbursement may vary according to the rate and form of payment agreed with the company. The deadline for payment of refund is 30 days from the date of request.

Endorsement is the right of the passenger has to change the ticket from one airline to another. Endorsement depends on agreements signed between the airlines.