ID Presentation

From March 1, 2010, passengers must submit to the officer of the airline your valid ID with photo, at the gate and check-in counters for airlines of Brazil’s airports. On domestic flights will be accepted original documents or certified copies.

In case of theft of identity document and tranter domestic flights, passengers must submit the police report issued less than 60 days.

Time of presentation of the passenger to board

From March 1, 2010, passengers who make the internet check-in, self-service in totems, or by phone, are not required to stamp the boarding pass at the counters of the airlines prior to boarding.

Domestic flights

Departure Procedures

The passenger must apply directly to the check-in until 1 hour before departure, carrying the original identification card with photo, ticket number or e-ticket (electronic ticket).

Documents required for over 18 years

- Original ID or

- Professional License issued by the Councils (CREA, OAB, CRM, CRA and others)

- Identity cards sent by ministries and agencies subordinate to the President, including the Command of the Navy, Army, Air Force or the Ministry of Defense.

- Original driving license with photo.

- Original professional card.

Documents required for children under 18 years (incomplete)

Birth certificate (original) or any of identity documents listed above.

Documents required for passengers of other nationalities

- Foreign Passport.

- National Registry of Foreign Affairs (RNE).

- Diplomatic and Consular Identity.

International Flights – United States

Departure Procedures

The presentation at check-in should happen to 3 hours before flight departure reserved.

By demand of U.S. officials, as of 4 October 2005 all passengers departing for the U.S. (except Americans, permanent residents and transit passengers in the U.S.) should inform, necessarily, at check-in the data below:

- Personal Data (full name, date of birth, sex, nationality).

- Country of residence.

- Number, Country of issue and validity of travel document.

- Valid travel document for entry into the U.S.

- Full address while in the U.S. (street, no, city, state and zip code).

Documents required

- Passport with valid visa.

- Airline tickets and documents required for return are required for its entry into the United States.

- Transit visa – in accordance with the regulations of the U.S., it is mandatory to show U.S. visa (transit) for passengers traveling to any location that has the obligatory stop in the United States.

International Flights – Other flights

Departure Procedures

- The presentation at the check-in should happen to 2 hours before the flight reservation.

- You must have at hand all the required documentation and luggage to be checked

Departure Priority

The airlines should ensure priority attention to passengers aged over 65 years, the sick, persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, to pregnant women and passengers with children under 12.